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Opera Callas Bookshelf Speaker (Pair)

by Opera
Original price ₹ 529,900 - Original price ₹ 529,900
Original price ₹ 529,900
₹ 529,900
₹ 529,900 - ₹ 529,900
Current price ₹ 529,900

Opera Callas is the result of a re-imagination of the manufacturer's longstanding loudspeakers in early 2014; a new flagship speaker that far surpasses anything that came before it. The design brief was to create a speaker that delivered a three-dimensional sound stage which was focused, stable and had the correct timbre, dynamic and detail; without any fatiguing elements. Through an exhaustive R&D process, the experienced design team delivered on all fronts with this compact two-way stand-mount speaker design. The new Callas is both an object of affection and something that integrates discreetly into any environment.

Made from MDF and veneered curved plywood, the cabinet is thick enough (25mm on the sides and 50mm on the front panel) to absorb resonances and shaped with a non-parallel footprint to reduce internal reflections. The use of additional internal damping - including two layers (20cm total thickness) of pyramidal polyurethane foam - in sensible quantities helps keep the cabinet non-resonant while still allowing the speaker drivers to deliver their full sound.

The Callas' impressive bass-response is delivered via the 7" long-throw woofer from SEAS, with and annealed polypropylene diaphragm. The woofer is from SEAS' flagship 'Excel' range and is reflex-loaded with a rear duct. Due to the broad range this woofer can potentially delivery (up to 5kHz), the woofer is capable of delivering a perfectly natural overlap with the tweeter at the 2kHz crossover point. The 9700 tweeter from Scanspeak used within the Callas is one of the finest tweeters available. And not only does it sound phenomenal, but it is also incredibly reliable - offering a long life expectancy.

The crossover employed in the Callas uses premium components, including Mundorf capacitors and MOX resistors. The 2,000Hz cross-over frequency is only possible because the 9700 tweeter can deliver such a broad frequency response and offers such a wide linear displacement. The crossover has a low-pass section of the second order for the woofer and a high-pass section of the second order for the tweeter.

The Callas is equipped with a switch that allows you to adjust the output of the vocal range (+2dB between 300-3000Hz). This greatly increases the flexibility of the diffuser and also suits the speaker to a greater number of environmental situations. The new Callas produces a sound stage that expands in three dimensions with an excellent impulse response and power, dynamics and extension at low frequencies typical of systems of much higher dimensions. This speaker is also suitable for "near field" listening (up to one meter to the listening point) without any loss of clarity or quality.


  • High-quality stand-mount speaker
  • Premium drivers from SEAS and Scanspeak
  • SEAS woofer has polypropylene re-cooked cone and phase plug
  • Scanspeak tweeter is without ferrofluid and double decompression chamber
  • Extensive R&D employed to make a big sound from a small cabinet
  • Sensitivity is similar to that offered by floorstanding speaker
  • Non-parallel structure and internal damping for reduced resonance and interference
  • MDF and veneered curved plywood body
  • Made in Italy


    • Size: 42 x 24,5 x 42 cm (HxLxP)
    • Weight: 15kg each
    • System: two ways, stand mounting, Reflex with rear duct, bi-wiring
    • Finiture: Pelle
    • Front firing Loudspeakers: 1 x 7” long-throw woofer with polypropylene re-cooked cone and phase plug, 1 x 1” Scanspeak 9700 tweeter without ferrofluid and double decompression chamber
    • Ways: 2
    • Frequency response: 40-25000 Hz
    • Cross-over: 12 dB/ott. For woofers; 18 dB/ott for the front tweeter
    • Cross-over frequency: 300 – 2000 Hz approx
    • Cross-over frequency: 2000 Hz (aprox.)
    • Max Power: 100 Watt (without clipping) for musical programs with crest factor about 5
    • Amplifier: Starting from 10 Watt RMS
    • Sensitivity 89 dB/2.83 Volt/1 meter
    • Nominal Impedance: 4 ohm (Zmin >3 ohm)