Mosconi HLA-SUM - Four Channel High Level Interface with Summing

by Mosconi
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Rs. 13,990.00

HIGH LOW ADAPTER with SUM function.

For all radios without PRE outputs.

• Active signal processor circuitry for a superior sound performance with 4-ch power inputs and 4-ch line level outputs on solid RCA connectors.
• SUM capability on CH-1 outputs to rebuild filtered signals (multi-way systems) and BALANCE capability between CH-1 & CH-2 inputs (SUM mode only) to optimize the system adjustments.
• Switch-on signal (Remote) generation for high power outputs B.T.L. and low power output S.E. (by the internal switcher).
• Suitable for any type of radio and amplifier.
• Optimized A class working operational amplifiers, full immunity to any kind of interference, noise and switch-on/off bump/pop.
• Total harmonic distortion (THD) extremely low.
• Low operative current consumption (less than 30mA @ 14V4) and very low quiescent current (less than 0.8mA @ 14V 4).
• Double layer PCB and full Surface Mount Technology (SMT).
• Very small size for easy installations: 80 x 83 x 30 mm!
• Plug & Play, non-intrusive installation. • Professional aluminum housing, brushed finishing.

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