Mosconi AMAS 2 - Bluetooth Streaming Interface

by Mosconi
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Advanced Multi Audio Streaming interface

AMAS 2 is the MOSCONI module for streaming audio via Bluetooth in high resolution.
Supports A2DP. Devices with a profile such as smartphones, music players,pad and tablet connecting via Bluetooth act as a source for the audio system.

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AMAS 2 is the cheaper version of the model AMAS, winner of the EISA Award 2013-14. It differs because it is an external module and therefore connects to the DSP through
a Toslink cable (not supplied) and therefore requires its own separate power supply.
AMAS 2 can be connected to all the DSP that have an optical input / digital. Therefore you can use with the products MOSCONI DSP6TO8 + SP-DIF, DSP4TO6DIF, D2-100.4-DSP and DSP-D2-80.6

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