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The X-SABRE Pro (MQA) has been created from the partnership between Matrix Audio and MQA Ltd. This DAC features MQA Core Decode which allows it to entirely decode original MQA files without any assistance from third-party software. An advanced 8-channel ES9038PRO DAC chip with an inner DSP unit and analogue circuit offer high performance and better user experience.


Apart from Master Quality Authenticated files, the X-SABRE Pro (MQA) can stream audio up to 32-bit/ 768kHz and DSD1024. A next-gen XMOS XU216 USB asynchronous transfer interface and new AK4118 S/PDIF receiver chip offer a more powerful multi-channel processing and computing performance for superb digital to analogue conversion. Choose between 7 pre-installed PCM digital filters to adjust the timbre. While decoding MQA files, the MQA audio dedicated filter will automatically be loaded.




The X-SABRE Pro (MQA) has three hi-res audio dedicated Crystek ultra-low phase noise oscillators. While two are meant for the sample rates of 44.1kHz, 48kHz and their multiples, one is for the ES9038PRO reference clock. Thanks to this, the phase noise is as low as -169 dB/Hz. You can pick between the ES9038PRO synchronous clock source or an external ultra-low phase noise clock source, cooperate with software control to free convert ES9038PRO work mode between synchronous or asynchronous, and greatly improved the playability.



The X-SABRE Pro (MQA)'s line output can be configured with a +18dB digital gain. This makes it really convenient for use with low-gain active speakers and power amplifiers. The ES9311Q dedicated ultra-low noise LDO consists of two groups of clean power supply with noise as low as 1μVrms. This ensures excellent SNR performance. This DAC also has 10 groups of low-noise LDO power supply for each circuit unit.



Each component of the X-SABRE Pro (MQA) has been designed by expert craftsmen and audio engineers. The front panel is fitted with Black tempered glass that adds to its striking appearance. The round LCD screen in the centre showcases the input channel signal, sample rate, digital audio format, volume and more. This DAC also features 9 minimal touch keys that offer a seamless user experience while blending in with the panel.

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India India
The best DAC byfar - your answer to MQA

The most complicated buy for people of the yesteryears who are still fully exploring the realm of what digital audio and streaming music can mean is a DAC. Until you have a good one, you are unlikely to understand what all the fuss is about. DACs are often confused by OTB chipsets they are running on. That can be a good starting point but not the 'be it all' of DACs. Their internals, chasis, construction, signal path, application and seperation all may come together to have very different applications. This DAC is inviting, crisp, invigorating and rich in just the right measure. The form factor may lead you mesmerized but picking it up itself will tell you what the manufacturers were going for, perfection, class and a dedicated product that quietly goes and sits in your quest for perfecting your digital audio experiences. Lest i get to MQA, the full MQA unfolding has been the biggest and most fulfilling step in my audio journey in recent years. I stand by this product and think it is capable of bringing out the best even from the best integrated amps as they still have average / mediocre inbuilt DACs.

Gaurav T.
Magic DAC

I have been using this DAC for the past 2 months in the following manner. Laptop > MA XSabre-Pro DAC > Roksan K3 Integrated Amplifier > Monitor Audio Gold 200. Whether I play from my desktop(with discrete graphics) or my laptop or my friends Lumin U1, all sounded about the same with only minor improvements towards Lumin U1. This DAC it that good in doing its job. You buy this and be mentally relieved that the source system is not going to matter much in terms of sonic improvement. It would only matter to your pocket. This is close to the R2R DAC level of warm love without loosing the precise details of a standard delta sigma DAC. This comes with a linear power supply and can also be used as a pre-amp. It offer superb jitter and noise reduction as I mentioned in the previous paragraph in details. The music sounds very melodious and coherent. It also offers I2S connectivity which is indeed an improvement. I use Pink Fraun I2S bridge card on my desktop and connect that with a HDMI cable and it sounds very spatially musical without focus on one particular element. If you are in the market for a DAC and you can spend about 1.8 Lakh for it, you need not look anywhere else. This is all you need.

rupinder b.
Excellent Dac

A very beautifully made and equally beautifully sounding dac. Even thought it is an ess dac but it doesn't have the shrillness of that. One of the best measuring and sounding dac with great bass slam and control and equally clear and transparent topend

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