Matrix Audio Mini-i Pro 3 - Roon Ready MQA Music Streamer DAC

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This is the 4th generation product under the mini-i series name from Matrix Audio continuing the classic design and superb build quality. The new  Mini-i Pro 3 uses a two-color aluminium shell in silent black and space gray with a 3.3-inch LCD screen and a brand new user interface. 

MQA Core Decoding and Rendering
The Mini-i Pro 3 is a MQA full decoder, which enables you to play back MQA audio files and streams without any software decoding, delivering the sound of the original master recording. Visit How MQA Works for more information.

Roon Ready
The Mini-i Pro 3/Mini-i 3 act as an endpoint in Roon streaming media system, they transparently discover and connect to Roon without any configuration, and bit-perfect audio is delivered from Roon to Mini-i Pro 3/Mini-i 3.

Balanced Headphone AMP
The Mini-i 3 and Mini-i Pro 3 feature a fully balanced headphone amplifier. This allows the left and right channel signals to pass through a nearly perfect symmetrical amplifier circuit, providing ample headphone output power with low distortion and low noise. The output power of single-ended headphone connection is increased by 50%, and the balanced headphone output is increased by 3 times compared to the previous generation. The addition of a 4.4mm balanced headphone jack makes it easier to connect various popular balanced headphones.

HD Bluetooth & Dual Frequency Wi-Fi
When the Mini-i Pro 3 and Mini-i 3 connected to an LDAC enabled Android device over Bluetooth, up to 24Bit/96kHz high-res audio can be transmitted. 

Connect to everything
Like the previous generation, Mini-i 3/Mini-i Pro 3 also have various digital audio input ports. They are first models with IIS LVDS input port in entry product line, it means Mini-i 3/Mini-i Pro 3 can get a performance improvement through external audio interface. The USB Type-C connector improves the connection reliability and transmission efficiency of digital audio signal.

Digital and Analog Sources All-in-One
The Mini-i 3 and Mini-i Pro 3 have multiple input and output ports witch act as a transportation hub in your audio system. Whether it is a digital audio signal from a TV, set-top box, game console, HTPC, or analog audio equipment such as a vinyl turntable, it can be connected to a digital audio system with the help of Mini-i Pro 3/Mini-i 3.

Intuitive Graphical UI
We have created an elegant UI for the Mini-i 3 and Mini-i 3 Pro, which are the first models to include a 24-bit color LCD display from Matrix Audio. You can view the input channels, streaming methods, device configurations, and additional information on the display clearly and intuitively. Even filter curves and the IIS interface definitions are displayed graphically.

The Best Components
We re-designed every details of mini-i Pro 3 and mini-i 3, the exterior and the internal structure have been adjusted and verified repeatedly, even a small part on the PCB has been carefully considered. The power supply of mini-i Pro 3/mini-i 3 has been greatly improved, both the maximum power and the noise level are totally beyond its previous generation. The mini-i Pro 3 has added the Crystek CCHD-950 femtosecond clock*, which was only available in higher level products in the past.


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A no nonsense streamer dac

Got this streamer after suggestion from the owners of To be honest initially i was skeptical in moving because am already using a chord Dac andam pretty happy with it. This unit apart from sound quality removed the hassle of another device in my chain and sounds very good for the price especially if you use roon... Buy it you wont regret.... cheers


A realization of what I'd been missing for years

The Mini-i Pro 3 replaced a Rega DAC and a Music PC as the source in my system (with a Rethm Gaanam Amp and Rethm Trishna speakers downstream). I did not expect how well this DAC/Streamer would make the system sound like! It truly lets my amp and speakers shine! To be able to really see how well my system could actually resolve, I had to go back to the proverbial Source. The system images and stages as well as it used to before, but everything else about the way it plays music has changed for the better! I'll have to pull out all the typical terms about micro and macro dynamics to start describing how great it sounds, and I'll spare you that. I hadn't been actively listening to music a whole lot over the last few years, but after the Mini-i Pro came in, I've been sitting down for hours altogether in front of the system, enjoying music like I've not been for quite a long while. I find it hard to switch it off, and every night it's an endless refrain of "one more track before I sleep" which typically goes on for another hour. I love the vivid LCD screen, the intuitive menu and ease at which the Control Knob lets me move through the options and settings, and the multiple connectivity options makes me certain I will not be limited in future. All this said, make no mistake, the best thing for me about the Mini-i Pro 3 is how good it makes music sound in my system. I'm one really happy camper! My thanks to The Audio Co for the advice, the quick delivery, and the follow ups.

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