Matrix Audio Element H - Audiophile-Grade PCIe USB 3.0 Interface

Rs. 29,990.00

This USB interface is designed to be mounted directly into your desktop computer on a PCIe connector. Its function is to improve the audio performance of your machine by equipping it with a high quality filtered USB output

This USB 3 output is dedicated to audio precision and offers outstanding performance in terms of power supply noise. It also embeds a filtered DC 9-12V external power supply input allowing it to upgrade the overall efficiency with a better power supply without causing additional space loss . This USB interface is ideal for an ambitious audio system centralized on a fixed computer as a primary digital source.

Crystek CCHD-575 femtosecond Oscilator
The interface works with an extremely low noise femtosecond clock Crystek CCHD-575. The latter controls a USB 3 chip Texas Instruments with a dedicated independent channel for the audio stream. Such a configuration allows the circuit to almost completely bypass the motherboard integrated USB interface, thus enjoying an audio line isolated from other USB data lines used on the machine.

Integrated filtered power
Several filter unit are integrated within the stage power stage. They work using solid capacitors and high intensity low noise voltage regulators. When the interface is powered internally. the circuit provides sufficient filtering to eliminate high frequency noise caused by the computer switching power supply.

The USB 3 port provides 5V / 1.5A max output, enough power to supply a proper desktop DAC in very limited space.

Conversely, if your DAC has its own power supply, a switch on the front can power off the USB output. In this scenario, the USB output 3 is completely dedicated to data and suffers no interference from any outgoing power.

To summarize, three powering strategies are possible:

  • Ext: the interface is powered by an external power supply (cleaner sound if used with a quality power supply, but needs more space)
  • Int: the interface is fed by the computer power supply. In this configuration, the interface is capable of filtering most of the supply noise, however the result will be less accurate than a clean external power supply
  • Off: Interface is not powered (USB does not issue 5V output). This configuration is ideal if your interface directly is connected to a DAC equiped with its own (quality) power supply.


Aluminum Housing
In order to protect the high quality electronics components, the whole PCB is protected by a full shielded aluminum housing. The latter blocks EMI RFI interferences from other elements in your computer (starting with the video card).



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