K-Array Duetto-KD6B - Wired In-Ear Earphones

by K-Array
Rs. 18,650.00

The Duetto-KD6B is a set of ultra-mini, high quality aluminium alloy earbuds with an in-line microphone and control. Each earbud is equipped with a 6 mm full-range transducer to provide amazing output capable of reproducing the frequency range from 5 Hz to 23 kHz at -12 dB ensuring high-definition audio with deep, rich bass and clear high frequencies.

The microphone and control are wired in the headphone cable and offer the freedom and convenience to accept calls, manage music playback and adjust the volume. Packaged in a convenient hard carrying case, the Duetto-KD6B comes with four pairs of silicon ear tips to provide a custom fit while maximizing sound isolation, and a set of ear hooks for active use.

Kevlar Cable

By using a heat-resistant and strong synthetic Kevlar fiber cable, the earbuds are resistant to splintering and fraying. The tough braiding also ensures the cable remains inherently tangle-free.

Clear, In-Ear Audio

Unlike the classic earphones that are included with the purchase of most smartphones and mp3 players which do not enter the ear canal and instead sit at the base, the Duetto in-ear headphones penetrate the external auditory canal and transfer the sound pressure towards the eardrum.


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