Furutech Alpha S25 - 13AWG α(Alpha) OCC Conductor Speaker Cable

Rs. 13,500.00

13AWG α(Alpha) OCC Conductor Speaker cable (2 x 2.53 sq mm) 



α (Alpha)-OCC Conductor (7X18 pcs/0.16mm)

・Sound characteristics: Detailed, open treble, tight, deep bass, overall well-balanced sound, excellent clarity and imaging

・Made in Japan


・Conductor : α (Alpha)-OCC Conductor (7X18 pcs/0.16mm)
・Insulation : Special Polyethylene (Red/ White)
・Twisting : 2 Cores with Cotton fillers twisted Together
・Barrier Layer : Paper Tape Wrap
・Jacket: Ultra Flexible Pb free PVC (Dark Blue)
・Max. Conductor Resistance : 0.0078 Ω/ M
・Overall Diameter : 14.5 mm (≒13 AWG)

Note: Price Per Meter, Without Termination

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