Eton MOVE 10-300A - 10inch Enclosed Active Subwoofer

by Eton
Rs. 41,990.00

Active Subwoofers - smart boxes for more bass fun ETON's new active subwoofer boxes guarantee full bass power without any mounting hassle.

The built-in amplifier with loads of adjustments and interfaces make the MOVE 10-300A a perfect problem solver. The mighty woofer brings heavy bass inside the car without sounding strained. The boxes are aesthetically pleasing and the simple and time saving mounting complete the strong performance.

  • Active subwoofer
  • pressure level 1W/1m 87.4 dB
  • rated power 150 W
  • Membrane material Fiberglas
  • Voice coil diameter 72 mm
  • Impedance per voice coil 2x2 Ohm


DIN - size 10 inch
Nominal impedance) 2x 2 Ohm
Number of voice coils 2

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