Eton FORCE F8 - 8inch Subwoofer

by Eton
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Rs. 31,990.00

Mini format in SPL: the FORCE F8 subwoofer completes the legendary SPL series and combines the SPL experience plus sound experience. Like in the big versions, the F8 is a heavy duty device for powerful deep bass. Made out of the extreme durable kevlar-paper sandwich cone, an extreme resilient double voice coil and a massive motor, this "tiny fighter" impresses not only SPL fans.

The F8 is the most uncompromising subwoofer on the market.  Extreme powerful deep bas despite a weight of only 6 kg speaks for itself.


DIN - size 8 inch
Mounting diameter 7.24 inch
Mounting depth 5.04 inch
Nominal power handling (all voice coils) 500 W
Music power handling) 1000 W
Nominal impedance) 2x 2 Ohm
Number of voice coils 2

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