Emotiva RMC-1 - 9.1.6 Channel AV Pre-Amplifier Processor

by Emotiva
Rs. 837,400.00

The RMC-1 is a state-of-the-art surround sound processor - designed from the ground up to serve as the nerve center of a modern home theater or surround sound music system. The bit-perfect video switches in the RMC-1 ensure that you’ll get the best possible image quality from the latest HDR and Dolby Vision 4k UHD discs, and the advanced audio decoding engine, audio processing hardware, and room correction options guarantee you true audiophile sound quality and performance.

Unlike other surround sound processors, the RMC-1 is not only a superb home theater processor, but also a true audiophile stereo component. When we set out to design the RMC-1 we had some relatively lofty goals. We wanted to design a processor that would support the latest Dolby Atmos and DTS:X object oriented surround sound formats, with plenty of channels to fulfill the needs of our most demanding customers, and sound quality and performance equal to or better than the best stereo equipment currently on the market. And, along with that, it had to deliver superb bit-perfect picture quality, and support the latest HDR and Dolby Vision 4k UHD video content. And, finally, it had to be relatively simple to configure and operate, so that our customers would actually be able to take full advantage of its advanced performance and capabilities.

Designing a surround sound processor that includes all of the features you need in a modern home theater system, while still delivering superb sound quality, is a truly formidable undertaking. Most AV receivers and pre/pros offer plenty of features, but include serious compromises in sound quality. And most audio gear that offers true audiophile sound quality is limited to stereo, and offers very few features. Our plans called for a platform that could deliver both.



    Decoding and Processing

    Surround Sound Processing Support:

    • Dolby Atmos (up to 9.1.6).
    • Dolby TrueHD (up to 7.2).
    • Dolby Digital Plus.
    • Dolby Digital.
    • DTS:X (up to 7.1.4)
    • DTS-HD Master Audio.
    • DTS-HD High Resolution Audio.
    • DTS 5.1.
    • Multi-Channel PCM.

    Digital Post Processing Support:

    • Dolby Surround.
    • DTS Neural:X.

    Displays and Controls

    Front Panel Display:

    • Dual, independently configurable, 64 x 256 resolution, blue OLED displays.

    On-Screen Display (OSD):

    • Configurable full color OSD displayed over live video, including 4k and 3D sources.

      Inputs / Outputs

      Analog Audio Inputs:

      • (1) pair; stereo: Reference quality analog audio (balanced XLR).
      • (3) pairs; stereo: Reference quality analog audio (unbalanced; machined gold-plated RCA connectors).

      Analog Audio Outputs:

      • (1) set; 16 channels: Main analog audio outputs (balanced XLR).
      • (1) pair; stereo: analog line level Zone 2 output (unbalanced).
      • (1) high quality 1/8” stereo headphone output.

      Digital Video Inputs and Outputs:

      • (8): HDMI digital video inputs: HDMI 2.0b with HDCP 2.2 (all inputs support HDMI 2.0b and HDR, including dynamic HDR and Dolby Vision).
      • (2): HDMI digital video outputs: HDMI 2.0b with HDCP 2.2 (one with CEC and ARC). (both outputs support HDMI 2.0b and HDR - including dynamic HDR and Dolby Vision).

      Digital Audio Inputs:

      • Internal high-performance AM/FM tuner.
      • (4): Toslink optical S/PDIF digital audio (up to 24/192).
      • (4): Coax (RCA) electrical S/PDIF digital audio (up to 24/192).
      • (1): AES/EBU (XLR) digital audio.
      • (1): USB Type B digital audio (UAC2 USB audio up to 24/192k)
      • Digital PCM and DSD audio supported on all HDMI inputs and USB input

      Digital Audio Outputs:

      • (1): Toslink optical S/PDIF digital audio.
      • (1): Coax (RCA) electrical S/PDIF digital audio.

      Other Inputs:

      • (2): USB Type A digital data inputs (for firmware updates and future enhancements).
      • (1): Ethernet port (RJ-45) (network connection for Dirac and remote control applications).
      • (3): Expansion slots for additional optional custom Input/Output modules

      Cutting Edge Operating System and Processors

      Main System Processor:

      • The RMC-1 is controlled by our own proprietary Linux-based operating system, and by several powerful DSP engines, each running custom software code.
      • The main control functions on the RMC-1 are handled by a Texas Instruments AM-1808 Sitara Arm9 32 bit 375MHz processor.

      Video Processing:

      • The RMC-1 is a pure video switch; video inputs are switched directly to the appropriate output without any unnecessary processing. Video switching on the RMC-1 is handled by three Panasonic MN864788 High Speed LSI 4k UHD Video Switches.

      Audio Processing:

      • All audio decoding and post processing is handled by twin Analog Devices, dual-core, 450 MHz DSP engines.
      • Audio digital-to-analog conversion for each of the 16 main audio outputs is performed by an individual AKM4490 Verita DAC operating in fully balanced Mono mode.

      Dimensions & Weight

      • Unboxed: 17” Wide x 15.5” Deep x 7” High (not counting feet)
      • Unboxed: 17” Wide x 15.5” Deep x 7.525” High (with feet)
      • Unboxed 24 lbs.; Boxed 32 lbs.

      User Manual

      RMC-1 User Manual

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