EAM Lab Musica 102i Integrated Amplifier

by EAM Lab
Rs. 265,000.00

An integrated amplifier capable of giving emotions to every listening is not easy to create due to its intrinsic nature of ALL IN ONE where the sizing of all stages must provide for smaller dimensions. Especially if you set yourself a high standard SOUND Target by creating a product with indisputable sonic, mechanical and design qualities from a high-quality High-end product. The integrated Musica 102i is all this.

With a power per channel that exceeds 100 Wrms into 8 ohms, a dual mono construction, two 250VA low induction transformers, SANKEN output device and a driving capacity that is unmatched in this category, enclosed in a compact and Exceptionally designed, you can combine it with any stand or floor speaker system.

the 4-layer multilayer PCB allowed to separate the power supplies from the signal paths and from the digital and analogue masses and to create an RFI shielding for high noise rejection. the dual mono circuit also allows to reach very low levels of crosstalk which result in a separation of the channels difficult to reach in other products of the same category.

the aesthetic design is the result of the all-Italian style. the elegance of the lines, the quality of the materials and the simplicity that distinguishes it make the Musica 102i a "jewellery" product.  the environment that will welcome it will be embellished by the beauty and technology that will give space only to MUSIC!


  • Solid state amplifier
  • 4-layer PCB with galvanically separated masses
  • EamLab transformers
  • Pre-Out / Amp-In
  • Aluminum infrared remote control
  • OLED yellow display
  • Made in Italy


  • 1 XLR stereo input
  • 4 RCA line input (CD , TUNER , MM , AUX)
  • RMS power 8 ohm 100 + 100 w
  • RMS power 4 ohm 180 + 180 w
  • THD Full power 4 ohm < 0.03%
  • THD+N > 108db
  • Frequency Response 10hz – 40 khz +/- 1db
  • Damping Factor > 200 @ 70 hz 8ohm
  • XLR input sensivity 47 Kohm / 2.8 Vrms
  • RCA input sensivity 22 kohm / 1.4 Vrms
  • Idle current stand-by 1WFull power 360 W
  • Phone output 3 Watt rms @ 32 ohm
  • Dimension 420 * 380 * 100 mm
  • Weight 18 Kg


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