DampMat Plus - Multilayer Damping

by DampMat
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DampMat Plus is unique foam based sound damping product that ensures optimal speaker performance by reducing the resonant frequency and unwanted ambient noise. In addition to that DampMat Plus significantly reduces rattles and vibrations, making your car acoustics a better place to listen to your favorite music.

DampMat Plus kit contains three different materials i.e. Foam, Aluminum & Butyl rubber. The additional Foam layer helps in attenuating the back wave from speaker resulting in better sound from your current speakers and reducing unwanted resonance, giving you a pleasant sound experience in your car.


– Attenuates speaker back-wave.
– Reduces resonant noises for vehicle parts.
– Blocks unwanted ambient wind, road noise and engine noise.
– Aids in better sound and bass from your existing speakers.
– Acts as a thermal insulation in dissipating heat and keeping your car cooler.
– Made in India to sustain critical weather conditions.



  • Tri-Layer Acoustic Damping Solution
  • Foam + Aluminum + Butyl Rubber
  • Self-Adhesive Pure Butyl Rubber
  • 108″ x 16” Roll (12 sq ft.)
  • High-temperature butyl adhesive


Bulk Pack contains 1 Roll of 108″ x 16” / 12 sq ft total

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