DampMat Exceed - Alubutyl Damping

by DampMat
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DampMat Exceed is all new, improved and highly efficient improvement over original DampMat. With improved Aluminum & Butyl compositions, DampMat Exceed is now better than ever in reducing unwanted vibrations and road noise.

Cars with DampMat Exceed installed have less road noise and better sound insulation, which aids in better sound and bass from your existing sound setup. Selective Aluminum foil and Butyl rubber composition in DampMat Exceed adds to better sound deadening, heat dissipation and reducing unwanted vibrations. It is malleable & easy to stick that you just peel off and stick DampMat Exceed to a clean surface and start enjoying better sound in your car.


– Reduces vibrations and rattles.
– Blocks unwanted ambient wind, road noise and engine noise.
– Aids in better sound and bass from your existing sound setup.
– Acts as a thermal insulation in dissipating heat and keeping your car cooler.
– Made in India to sustain critical weather conditions.
– Heavier and better composition than competition



0.08mm Aluminum
2.5 mm total thickness +/- 5%
Self-Adhesive Pure butyl rubber
0.375 KG per square foot +/- 5%
16″ x 36” (4 sq ft.)
High-temperature butyl adhesive
Higher rubber content – Less filler content = better performance


Bulk Pack contains 10 sheets of 16″ x 36” (4 sq ft.) / 40 sq ft total

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