BLAM E1 - Wired In-Ear Earphones

by Blam
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French sound dual driver earphones


If you want to give more life, more space and more punch to your favorite tracks, switch to BLAM E1 dual driver earphones. Each earpiece contains two speakers: a 5.8 mm one which handles the high and medium frequencies and a 13.6 mm speaker to reproduce the bass separately. This separation creates a much richer sound. We call this the «French Sound». This dual speaker design will be particularly appreciated when listening to high-quality uncompressed audio files or any other high-resolution source. These headphones come with a three-button remote equipped with an omnidirectional microphone. The buttons can easily monitor telephone calls and playing tracks. On the iPhone, you can also activate the Siri trigger or take pictures. The BLAM E1 comes with 3 pairs of silicone ear tips. The carry case provided allows you to protect your earphones while traveling.

Made for Smartphone, Ipad and Ipod

Speaker type
13.6+5.8  High-Definition MicroDrivers
Frequency range
20Hz – 20kHz
 105 dB SPL/mW
Cable lenght
Black high gloss

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