BLAM CR20 - 8inch Active Enclosed Subwoofer

by Blam
Sold out
Rs. 49,990.00


Ready to go Ported Bass-Reflex Enclosure with

built-In 360W amplifier

Easy solution to add bass to a factory system

Special 20 cm (8’’) subwoofer driver

Frequency response: 40 hz-150hz

Amplifier : Maximum power 360 W / Nominal power 180 W -

Compatible with OEM head units - High-level inputs with auto-turn

on - RCA low-level inputs (5V compatible) - Adjustable low pass

(45 Hz -150 Hz) - Bass boost (50Hz) adjustable up to 12dB - Phase

setting 0/180° - External remote level control (5m cables).

 Size: H 260 mm x D 140 mm x W 500 mm

Made with high quality 15 mm MDF, strong grey carpet, well-tuned

laminar bass reflex port. Supplied with foam stand to use it down firing.

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