Atacama Nexus 6i - Hi-Fi Speaker Stands

by Atacama
Rs. 15,000.00

The Award Winning Nexus range of speaker stands offers excellent sonic characteristics as well as cable management as standard via one of the rear support tubes. This allows you to keep unsightly speaker cables away from view.

The stands are manufactured from heavy gauge carbon steel with high tensile fixings to maintain optimum rigidity and for improved performance Nexus come with Isolation Gel pads as standard. These pads help protect the base of your speaker, reduce the chance of slippage and create a dampening barrier to the speaker so improving sound quality.

The top plate is manufactured from 4mm thick steel plate and carpet spikes are included. All Nexus speaker stands have identical standard top plates of 145mm wide by 180mm deep, with optional smaller top plate packs available in two sizes of 130mm wide by 200mm deep, or 130mm wide by 130mm deep.

Overall Height ( excluding Gel pads) 600mm (23.6"), Base Depth 300mm (11.8"), Base width 250mm (9.8").

Atacama recommend Atabite inert filler to achieve maximum sonic performance. Up to 10.4KG can be used per pair.

Available in Satin black paint, these finishes match the current Nexus, SL, HMS and Equinox range of AV and HiFi supports.

  • Cable management via the rear pole comes as standard
  • Adjustable floor spikes within a Nexus style base
  • Can be mass loaded with Atabites to improve sonic capabilities
  • Supplied with Mini Isolation Gel Pads
  • Available in Satin black paint

Note: Supplied as a pair.

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