Atacama HMS 2.1 - Hi-Fi Speaker Stands

by Atacama
Rs. 35,000.00

The Atacama HMS 2.1 (High Mass Stand 2.1) was developed with the co-operation and expertise of ProAc, one of Britain’s most highly respected speaker manufacturers and features a large 200mm x 225mm top plate.

Designed for those looking for a reference quality speaker stand, the HMS 2.1 has a 30% increase in mass loading capacity over our equivalent professional grade SL series. Once each pair is fully loaded with Atabites, the HMS 2 will give you the ultimate platform for when needing to optimize your loudspeakers performance.

Dimensions: Height 607mm (excluding floor spikes), Width 250mm, Depth 300mm,

Top plate: width 200mm, depth 225mm. Atacama recommend Atabite -7.5HD inert filler to achieve maximum sonic performance. Up to 84KG can be used per pair.

  • Reference quality speaker stand
  • Cable management via the rear pole comes as standard
  • Adjustable floor spikes within a Nexus style base
  • Can be mass loaded with Atabites to improve sonic capabilities
  • Supplied with Mini Isolation Gel Pads

Note: Supplied as a pair.

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