AIV Interconnect Cable 2 Channel RCA ARCTIC 5.5m

by AIV
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The Dual-Twisted-Pair construction of the interconnects together with the shielding made from foil and the metal plugs with an added molded connection underneath guarantees for an optimal connection. The use of a silver-plated inner conductor and Polyethylene as insulation material affords the optimal dynamic and auditory spaciousness as well as a neutral reproduction.

Using a silver-plated inner conductor made of high-purity copper and polyethylene as the insulation material, the 2-channel RCA cable ensures optimum dynamics and spaciousness, and also ensures neutral playback over the entire frequency range.

The special stranding of the individual copper strands and individual inner conductors, in conjunction with the double shielding made of foil and braid, counteracts any interferences by the neighboring vehicle electronics.

- Silver coating for unadulterated signal transmission, transparency and resolution
- High purity copper for lossless signal transmission
- Highly flexible insulation for a very good installation friendliness
- Special stranding of the individual copper strands
- Special stranding of the individual ladder
- Double screen made of foil and braid
- Soldered and molded plugs
- Short metal plugs for a stable and secure connection

Technical Specifications:
Channels: 2-channel
Length: 5,5m
Color: Blue / Transparent frosted look
Adapter assignment: Cinch plug / RCA plug
Cable material: CU
Insulation material: polyurethane
Shielding: dual-twisted pair construction
Gold plated connectors: yes

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