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COVID Update

We hope this update finds you and your families in good health. The Coronavirus outbreak has placed us all in uncharted waters. As the situation evolves rapidly, it is clear that calm vigilance and patience is what we need most. We wanted to write to you with an update on our services, team and network, and our plans for the foreseeable future.

Starting 25/05/2020, we have resumed our operations and we are accepting orders for select Pincodes.

We have implemented strict measures that shall ensure a 100% safe experience right from the storage, packaging, and delivery to you which shall comply with government guidelines.

This shall include using materials that are resistant to contamination, using airtight packaging during transportation, equipping our team with protective gear, and ensuring a contactless delivery at the time of arrival.

We make a point that the safety of our customers will be our utmost priority.

Meanwhile, on behalf of the TAC team, please stay safe and vigilant. This is a challenging time, that needs the courage and cooperation of each one of us. 

We wish you and your family good courage, cheer and health for the weeks ahead.

If you have any query or suggestion, feel free to contact us. We shall get back as soon as possible. You can email us or send a message here.